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Major Legislative Updates for the 2013-2014 Session, Part I

This is a guide to direct researchers, scientists, lawyers, and other professionals interested in coastal law and policy issues. The guide separates legislative materials into two categories: (1) Session Laws and (2) new and amended legislation enacted as a part of the 2014 State Budget. Part I summarizes the Session Laws and provisions from the State Budget that relate more specifically to coastal law and policy. Part II will summarize provisions that have wider environmental law and policy application.

Hop on Board: The Hydrilla Guerillas are Here

I am constantly amazed by what can happen with even a small group of people when lines of communication are open. Just six months ago I helped the Chowan Edenton Environmental Group organize an informational meeting in Edenton on aquatic invasive plants in the Chowan River and Albemarle Sound. It was to be one in […]

SciREN’s Broader Impacts are Loud and Clear

North Carolina Sea Grant has a strong tradition of teaching the teachers about all things marine science – thus multiplying the impacts as each teacher reaches more students. On Sept. 13, we will cosponsor a lesson planning workshop in Raleigh for scientists, who will share those lessons with dozens of educators during a Nov. 13 […]

What does hazards adaptation mean, anyway?

I hate to admit that one of the reactions I get when I hand out my business card is the raised eyebrow, and I’ve realized it’s because “hazards adaptation” isn’t out there in common public vocabulary yet. So let’s break it down: Hazards. Adaptation.

Focus on Fisheries with Scott Baker

Who is Scott Baker? Find out what he does and what he hopes to blog about.