Water Protection and Restoration Specialist


bdoll@ncsu.edu | 919-515-5287

Focus Areas: Nonpoint source pollution prevention and treatment, restoration ecology, stormwater management, stream assessment, sustainable landscaping

Barbara Doll joined North Carolina Sea Grant in 1992. Her current interests focus on repairing degraded stream systems, reducing the impacts of nonpoint source pollution and assessing the effectiveness of restoration practices. She is responsible for leading a multimillion dollar, three-phase project to restore Rocky Branch. This creek runs a mile through the North Carolina State University campus and is a tributary to the Neuse River.

Her recent research focused on the comprehensive evaluation of stream restoration performance. Doll has authored a number of publications on stream restoration and stormwater runoff, including Stream Restoration: A Natural Channel Design Handbook and Stormwater Runoff Best Management Practices for Marinas: A Guide for Operators. She also has been published in Journal of the American Water Resources Association, Journal of Shellfish Research and Water Environment and Technology.

Doll holds a doctorate degree in biological and agricultural engineering from NC State, where she has a joint appointment with the NC State Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department as an extension associate professor. There she teaches courses and conducts research related to fluvial geomorphology and ecological restoration. Prior to joining Sea Grant, she worked as a staff engineer for Soil and Material Engineers in Raleigh, NC, and as a research assistant in the civil engineering department at NC State.

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