Table of Contents

SEAFOOD SAFETY: N.C. Products Get Clean Bill of Health

From docks to processing tables to restaurant kitchens, safety is a constant factor with seafood processors. Ann Green takes readers on a state inspection of a North Carolina crab company.

RHYTHMS OF THE SEA: Griffith Chronicles Coastal Change

In his new book, David Griffith reports results of coastal studies and weaves stories of very different people who are linked by ties to the coastal waters. Katie Mosher gives a preview of the book and a glimpse inside Griffith’s laid-back approach to field work.

BEACH EROSION: Nature’s Work-in-Progress

Beach nourishment is a “hot button” topic, that evokes as many opinions as grains of sand on the beach. Pam Smith gives an overview of the science and public debate.

LEGAL TIDES: Repair and Rebuild: After the Storms

The 1999 hurricanes left many homeowners stranded. Legal specialist Walter Clark looks at the challenges of rebuilding.

SEA SCIENCE: Floyd Follow-up: The Lingering Effects

The devastating 1999 floods had short-term effects on coastal waters, including increased loads of nutrients and decreased levels of oxygen and salt in estuaries. Sea Grant researchers continue to monitor water quality and economic impact.

NATURALISTS’ NOTEBOOK: Maritime Forests: Where Beauty and Science Converge

Protecting the ecological functions of North Carolina’s maritime forests is a collaborative effort. Pam Smith takes you on a tour of these coastal wonders.