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In some form or another, Coastwatch has been in existence since 1974 — 43 years.

It started out as a four-page, monthly newsletter, renamed Coastwatch in 1979. In mid-1991, Coastwatch became a two-color magazine with a cover. Color inside was slowly added until the publication became full color with the Autumn 2004 issue.

Here, we look at past stories as the newsletter transformed into the publication it is today. Voices speak out to us from the pages. Shared experiences are new again.

Some things never change — invasive species, hurricanes and managing coastal resources always will be hot topics. And the fishing world constantly adds new technology, although what was cutting edge in the mid-1980s might seem simplistic today.

We developed this album of sorts to share what we found on our walk down memory lane.

In our Spring 2017 issue, we’ll look ahead as well as back at the North Carolina Sea Grant program, hearing from former staff, partners and researchers. Also, look for an article from Vanda Lewis, Sea Grant food blogger, with recipes from earlier issues of Coastwatch.

Do you have a favorite Coastwatch article? Or can you recall a significant interaction with our program? Please send your stories to We want to hear from you.

This article was published in the Winter 2017 issue of Coastwatch.

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