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August 19, 2014 | Lisa Schiavinato

Coquina rock outcropping near Fort Fisher.

I found this coquina rock outcropping near Fort Fisher several years ago.

Hello! I’m Lisa Schiavinato, North Carolina Sea Grant’s law, policy, and community development specialist.

I work on a variety of issues important to coastal property and business owners, local coastal governments and state government, including offshore energy, shoreline development, property rights, coastal flooding, water policy and public access. My goal is to empower individuals and coastal communities with legal information and policy solutions they can use to protect their homes and businesses, and to train attorneys who work on coastal resource and development issues.

Our coast is rich in cultural heritage and scenic beauty, but it faces many challenges to maintaining its character and economic well-being. These challenges implicate the sciences, economics, engineering, and of course law and policy. The law provides a foundation by which decisions can be made, and policy can provide guiding principles and procedures to help us make informed decisions. The law, economics and the sciences often work together to inform rational policy development that benefits both our citizens and our resources.

It’s very rewarding to have the opportunity to work with people with different backgrounds and expertise!

In addition, I am the co-director of the North Carolina Coastal Resources Law, Planning, and Policy Center. The center is a partnership between North Carolina Sea Grant, the UNC School of Law, and the UNC Department of City and Regional Planning.

The center can help by harnessing the talents and expertise across the private and public sectors to identify coastal use and development trends and by providing advisory services to private and public entities and individuals. The center’s mission is to provide you, our partners and constituents, with the legal information and policy scenarios you need to tackle your challenges head-on.

I look forward to continuing my work with you!

You can reach me at or 919-515-1895.

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