North Carolina Sea Grant

August 18, 2014 | Susan White

Susan White, Executive DirectorSusan White, blogger newbie.

Old dog, new tricks. Is it possible?

I suppose we’ll find out here. As someone who held on with a tight grip to her flip phone until its dying day, you’ll need to bear with me as I take my first tentative toe-dips into the depths of the blogging world. I may bore you to tears and I will, undoubtedly, have a lot of run-on sentences to make you read my notes twice.

Ultimately, I’ll be aiming to convey to you the challenges and opportunities that North Carolina Sea Grant is interested in — and, in some cases, already is  — pursuing with a broad range of partners that support communities on the coast of North Carolina. In my take, “communities” include the broad coverage of individuals, towns, species, ecosystems and more.

There will be times when I diverge (potentially digress) to tell you about some inner workings of Sea Grant that strengthen our program, make our program unique, or are just plain awesome efforts and hope you find out something new about a program that’s been delivering some serious coastal impacts over the past 50 years.

How’s that for a run-on? Go ahead, re-read it.

That’s my strategy.

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