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Hook, Line & Science

Hook, Line & Science

December 28, 2020 | Dave Shaw

North Carolina Sea Grant’s popular Hook, Line & Science is a featured video exhibit at the Jennette’s Pier, part of the North Carolina Aquariums, in Nags Head. In the exhibit, three videos highlight some of our most popular topics.

Now you can watch these videos from the comfort of your home this holiday season. And with some holiday time off, you’ll also want to avoid unforeseen trouble if you get a chance to wet a hook — and that means knowing the answer to one key question:

Do Fish Shrink After They Die?

Even if they do by just a tad, an undersized fish is the difference between a good fishing trip and a run-in with law enforcement. New research suggests anglers should think twice about keeping fish close to the minimum size limit. Watch the video to know what happens to that fish after you put it in your cooler.

Sara Mirabilio and Scott Baker, North Carolina Sea Grant’s fisheries specialists, curate Hook, Line & Science. Over the last two years, 32 authors have contributed over 100 posts.

NC State’s DELTA office assisted with video production.


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