Look for Hydrilla in creeks, rivers, bays and elsewhere, especially in the spring through autumn.

If you think you have found a new infestation of Hydrilla, help state agencies track the plant by reporting the sighting.

Go here to see known infestations in the Albemarle Sound watershed.

Report a Sighting

There are several ways you can report a sighting:

Confirm it is Hydrilla

Refer to this brochure to identify the Hydrilla.

Still Not Sure?

Gather a sample, take good photos and contact your County Cooperative Extension Office for help identifying Hydrilla.

Get a Good Specimen and Photos

Follow these tips to get good samples and photos of the Hydrilla you find. The photos you submit with your reports will enable experts to verify your sighting.


Hydrilla in a hand

Hydrilla can be hard to identify and even more difficult to remove. Photo by NC State Dept of Crop Science