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November 28, 2009 | David Green

seafood is health food

Fish is health food and many individuals are eating fish to gain heart-heath benefits provided by omega-3 fatty acids. According to the American Heart Association, studies have suggested that eating omega-3 fatty acids reduces the risk of heart disease. But did you know the method of cooking can affect omega-3s in fish?

Researchers at the University of Hawaii recently reported that boiling or baking fish with low-sodium soy sauce and tofu is beneficial while eating fried, salted or dried fish is not. The study educates consumers on how much fish to eat and how to cook it to prevent heart disease. The researchers hope to show that interaction between fish consumption, risk factors and ethnicity are due to genetics and that the heart-disease prevention message can be personalized for different ethnic groups.

For more information on omega-3s and effects of methods of preparation, gender and ethnicity, click here.

Contributed by David Green

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