North Carolina Sea Grant

March 23, 2010 | David Green

north carolina fisheries

Hybrid striped bass generally refers to a cross between striped bass (Morone saxatilis) and white bass (Morone chrysops).

Striped bass, and hybrid striped bass in particular, is well-loved by chefs who appreciate its mild texture, delicate flavor and incredible adaptability. The farmed hybrid striped bass has an even more delicate taste and texture than wild striped bass.

In 2009, North Carolina produced 2.5 million pounds of farmed striped bass valued at $9 million or $2.90 to $3.20 per pound. The farmed fish is considered sustainable and is produced using eco-friendly techniques.
For fish lovers, the light flavor of hybrids combines well with subtle seasonings, roasted vegetables or simple preparations for the grill. Try fresh hybrid striped bass grilled with your favorite marinade or roasted with green olive vinaigrette.

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