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July 8, 2010 | Barry Nash

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A 2007 consumer study validated what many North Carolina coastal residents already know – fresh, wild-caught shrimp are more appealing than their frozen, imported cousins.

When asked which they preferred, 60 percent of consumers identified the wild-caught shrimp over the farm-raised shrimp.

Scientists at North Carolina State University’s Sensory Service Center conducted a comparative evaluation of perceived differences and preferences by consumers to two kinds of shrimp:

Panelists in the study were presented shrimp but not told beforehand what type they were eating.

Results showed 60 percent of panelists preferred the wild-caught shrimp over the farm-raised imports.  Panelists perceived differences in sweetness and full flavor of the wild-caught shrimp.

The study supports recent efforts by local fishermen organizations to establish local, high-end niche markets for wild-caught shrimp, in part, because of its distinctive flavor.

Contributed by Barry Nash

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