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October 16, 2012 | Vanda Lewis

Photo by E-Ching Lee

another fresh seafood idea

This is the much-anticipated winning shrimp and grits recipe from Chef Fabian Botta of Ruddy Duck Tavern in Morehead City. He won this year’s People’s Choice award at the annual Cooking with the Chefs program, which is part of the N.C. Seafood Festival.

Pumpkin Grits

Heat the water, milk and heavy cream in heavy-bottomed saucepan until just simmering.

Stir grits and pumpkin into simmering water, milk and heavy cream. Cook, stirring often, until the grits are tender to the bite and have thickened to the consistency of thick oatmeal and pumpkin pieces are tender.

As the grits thicken, stir them more often to keep from sticking or scorching.

Regular grits cook in 20 minutes. NOTE: Stone-ground grits cook in about one hour and need additional milk and water.

Season the pumpkin grits to taste. Cover, remove from heat and let rest.


Heat large skillet. Add butter, garlic, diced onions, mushrooms and jalapeños.

Cook on medium heat until onions are translucent. Add shrimp, salt and pepper.

Add half cup of tomato gravy and cook shrimp until pink. Be sure not to overcook.

To serve, scoop a layer of cooked grits on the plate, sprinkle grated sharp cheddar cheese and add another layer of grits. With large spoon, place shrimp and gravy on top of grits and garnish the dish with braised pork, green onions and sweet potato chips.

For the cider braided pork shoulder, follow or use your favorite recipe.

For the sweet potato chips, follow recipe or buy good quality all natural sweet potato chips.

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