Butter or Sauce Up Your Seafood

November 8, 2009 | Joyce Taylor

methods of preparation An easy way to enhance simply prepared seafood is to use a sauce or butter. Delicious fish can be made even better by adding a basic, simple-to-prepare dressing. Butters and sauces add…

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Broiled Mahi-Mahi with Green Onion Butter

October 16, 2009 | Joyce Taylor

another fresh seafood idea Mahi-Mahi, or dolphinfish, is not related to the familiar marine mammal called dolphin. When purchasing mahi-mahi, you’ll probably buy fillets or steaks. They should be translucent with a slightly pink to…

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Marinated Charcoal Grilled Shrimp

August 26, 2009 | Joyce Taylor

another fresh seafood idea We’re at the height of the outdoor cooking season, so let’s grill a shrimp dinner! Be sure you buy fresh shrimp—from North Carolina. Local, not imported. Fresh shrimp should smell like…

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Baked Red Drum with Pimentón

August 14, 2009 | Joyce Taylor

another fresh seafood idea Cooking seafood can be easy and simple. The two biggest obstacles are lack of freshness and overcooking. Always go to the market to buy fresh fish, not a particular species. In…

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