Coastwatch Currents

How SAV-vy are Farmed Oysters?

Brady Blackburn discusses how shellfish aquaculture operations might affect submerged aquatic vegetation.

Shellfish Siting Tool Helps Growers Select Leases

By REBECCA NAGY Posted Oct. 29, 2015 Updated Nov. 2, 2015 With wild harvest season in full swing this fall, some oyster growers are looking ahead, thanks to the North Carolina Shellfish Siting Tool. Just ask Tim Holbrook, who is among those who used the tool to select a productive site to rear his first crop […]

Looking Back: Coastwatch 1985

Thirty years ago this month, the October 1985 issus of Coastwatch included a story about Lundie Spence, former North Carolina Sea Grant marine education specialist. To commemorate #BackToTheFuture day, we catch up with her today to find out what she is doing now.

The Early Birder-Friendly Business Catches the Worm

Ginger Deason, a doctoral candidate at North Carolina State University, discusses the spending potential of birders. She also highlights upcoming online training that can help businesses along the North Carolina Birding Trail become birder friendly.

Framing Policy in the Arctic: Views of Changing Ecosystems — Part 2

Meagan Dunphy-Daly, Knauss fellow, continues her travels to Norway to attend a meeting of the working groups of the Arctic Council.