Coastwatch Currents

A Tale of Two Seagrasses

Danielle Keller, North Carolina Sea Grant and N.C. Coastal Reserve and National Estuarine Research Reserve, is evaluating how different seagrasses serve as nursery and refuge areas for fish species, and how fish communities respond to changes in seasonal seagrass cover.

Synergistic Science: The Link Between Sea Grant and Water Resources

North Carolina creates synergy by joining together its Sea Grant and Water Resources Research Institute programs.

An Ocean of Memories

Emily White describes her favorite watershed moment — a marine science program she participated in as a fifth grader.

Identifying Regulatory Opportunities for North Carolina Shellfish Aquaculture

Palmer Hilton, a research law fellow with the N.C. Coastal Resources Law, Planning and Policy Center, goes on a learning tour of several oyster aquaculture operations along the Outer Banks.

Happy Birthday USA — and North Carolina Sea Grant

Katie Mosher looks back to this day 40 years ago — July 4, 1976 — and recalls how North Carolina Sea Grant received its College Program status.