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Clear Waters Ahead for Oyster Restoration

By KATHLEEN ONOREVOLE Posted Feb. 10, 2016 Kathleen Onorevole is a master’s student in Michael Piehler’s lab at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Institute of Marine Sciences in Morehead City. She studies the impact of ecological restoration on nutrient cycling. There are two types of people who care that the word February includes the […]

North Carolina Sea Grant Sponsors Upcoming Shellfish Aquaculture Workshop

By CHUCK WEIRICH Posted Feb. 5, 2016 North Carolina has great potential for shellfish aquaculture — and the more involved, the better for the industry. If you are a potential or established shellfish grower — or just interested in shellfish culture-related topics — join me at a a free Shellfish Aquaculture Workshop. It will be held at […]

Flounder Regulations Got You Floundering?

North Carolina Sea Grant helps fish lovers figure out what to serve on their holiday tables this season.

Oyster Filter Factor: Phytoplankton and Water Quality

By BRADY BLACKBURN Posted Dec. 8, 2015 Brady Blackburn is in his junior year at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is majoring in environmental studies and focusing on science communication. Throughout this fall semester, I have been part of a group of students from the University of North Carolina at Chapel […]

How SAV-vy are Farmed Oysters?

Brady Blackburn discusses how shellfish aquaculture operations might affect submerged aquatic vegetation.