North Carolina Sea Grant provides free products but also charges a small fee for others.

Online Orders

Order some of our products from our bookstore.


Order Forms

Use either the Word or PDF versions of the order form.

Free Products

You can always download and print out copies of our free publications.

To obtain copies of our free products that do not have a printable PDF, or for bulk orders of our free products, complete the order form and email it to Katie Mosher at or 919-515-9069, or fax it to 919-515-7095.

Purchase Products

We are currently working to accept credit card payment for our products.

Until then, to purchase products, please make checks payable to North Carolina Sea Grant. Mail the order form to

Katie Mosher
North Carolina Sea Grant
North Carolina State University
Box 8605
Raleigh, NC 27695-8605

If you have questions about payment, please contact Katie Mosher at or 919-515-9069.