North Carolina Sea Grant seeks to develop the skills of the students and citizens so that the state can meet the future — and changing — demands of the workplace.

Our extension specialists strive to:


Education Resources for At-Home Learning

Find articles and activities about coastal North Carolina flora, fauna and phenomena.

Lessons in Mariculture

These 10 resources introduce high schoolers to various aspects of marine aquaculture, including its history and different production methods.

North Carolina’s Amazing Coast

This book introduces readers to the incredible animals, plants and ecosystems of North Carolina’s coast.

Maintaining Competitiveness

Training provided by North Carolina Sea Grant enabled local shrimpers to compete with imported shrimp in the market.


North Carolina Sea Grant sponsors and supports many graduate student fellowships that provide participants with exposure and experience in the field, be it in research or policy.

Consumer Awareness

North Carolina Sea Grant helps consumers make educated choices about the seafood they put on their tables.