Changing land-use patterns, development and increasing populations around North Carolina — both in the coastal zone and upland areas — are taking their toll on the state’s waterways and natural resources. Degraded habitats and poor water quality affect the productivity of living resources, and jeopardize coastal and estuarine ecosystems.

North Carolina Sea Grant brings together research scientists, resource managers and communities to facilitate research, outreach and education about these unique habitats. We help stakeholders determine how to balance their communities’ needs while respecting and maintaining the natural environment.


Coastal Landscapes

A multi-partner effort that includes North Carolina Sea Grant aims to address coastal landscaping at every stage of the process, from planning and design to installation and management.


Algal Blooms

North Carolina Sentinel Site Cooperative

Cooperative partners work collaboratively across disciplines to provide research, monitoring and information that together address flooding, inundation and sea level rise.

Stream Restoration

Sea Grant helped restore Rocky Branch, an urban creek that runs through the heart of the North Carolina State University campus.

Sustainability Series

Sea Grant’s Sustainability Series is designed for local officials seeking sustainable solutions in their coastal communities.

Tidal Creeks

In collaboration with our regional counterparts, Sea Grant organizes meetings for stakeholders to discuss the status of tidal creeks in the southeast.