Pollinated? Coastal Waters Run Yellow

April 20, 2015 | Sara Mirabilio

Sara Mirabilio goes in search of the source of yellow ocean water. Perhaps it is Trichodesmium erythraeum, a marine cyanobacterium found worldwide in tropical and subtropical waters. The blue-green algae blooms seasonally off the North Carolina coast. Charter boat captains regularly share accounts of “marine pollen” or “sulphur” when describing an occurrence of yellow coastal waters, which likely are spottings of Trichodesmium blooms. ...

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Turning the Tide on Trash

January 30, 2015 | Sara Mirabilio

Photo by Sara Mirabilio. Along with 31 other volunteers, Sara Mirabilio helped collect marine debris from two sites on Roanoke Island in the middle of January. In this post, she offers a pictorial journey — and an education on what washes up on our shores....

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October 21, 2014 | Sara Mirabilio

Sara Mirabilio wants more frankenfish in North Carolina — but it's not what you think!...

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Meet Fisheries Extension Specialist Sara Mirabilio

August 22, 2014 | Sara Mirabilio

My passion for the ocean has existed since I first started forming solid memories. This passion carried through my childhood all the way to Long Island University’s Southampton College, where I majored in marine science,...

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