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One-Minute Science: Do You Eat Seafood Three or More Times a Week?

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North Carolina Sea Grant’s popular Hook, Line & Science is a featured video exhibit at the Jennette’s Pier, part of the North Carolina Aquariums, in Nags Head. In the exhibit, three videos highlight some of our most popular topics.

Now you can watch these videos from the comfort of your home this holiday season.

With the start of the new year, many of us have made getting healthier one of our resolutions. Our third and final video provides information about who might be joining you if you choose seafood as a staple of your diet in 2021.

Do You Eat Seafood Three or More Times a Week?

Eating seafood has many health benefits but eating too much of some species may pose a health risk. High-frequency consumers — people who eat three or more meals of fish per week — include some anglers who catch their own supper. Investigators used an online marketing firm to identify a subset of high-frequency seafood consumers in the United States to better understand the difference between perceived and actual risk. Watch the video to find out the kinds and amounts of seafood the respondents consumed.

Sara Mirabilio and Scott Baker, North Carolina Sea Grant’s fisheries specialists, curate Hook, Line & Science. Over the last two years, 32 authors have contributed over 100 posts.

NC State’s DELTA office assisted with video production.