Hurricane over Cuba

Interpreting Irma: What Do All Those Watches and Warnings Mean?

September 8, 2017 | Jessica Whitehead

Jessica Whitehead reviews some of the terms used to describe hazards North Carolina might encounter as Hurricane Irma approaches the state over the next few days.

Marine Debris Survey and Symposium

August 23, 2017 | Gloria Putnam

Help us learn about efforts related to marine debris in North Carolina by filling out this brief survey by Sept. 5:

Your answers will help determine who is doing what, and identify potential actions and partners, be used to complement the state’s existing marine debris reduction strategy.

Also, plan to attend the N.C. Marine Debris Symposium at the Duke Marine Lab in Beaufort on Oct. 16 and 17.

Cooked shrimp on a plate

In Search of Variety, Flexibility in Seafood Choices

August 16, 2017 | Barry Nash

Barry Nash outlines some consumer preferences that are influencing what kinds of food products hit the market, trends that might boost demand for local seafood.

New Island Sheds Light on Ever-Changing N.C. Coast

August 15, 2017 | Danielle Costantini

Shelly Island has been amazing visitors to Cape Point all summer, but the North Carolina coast is always changing.

Pack Safety to Visit Shelly Island, Other N.C. Beaches

August 15, 2017 | Danielle Costantini

The newly exposed shoal off of Cape Point appears to be growing closer to the coast, but the distance can be deceiving.