North Carolina Sea Grant

April 7, 2021 | Lauren Pharr

Credit: Barry Nash

Credit: Barry Nash

Barry Nash, North Carolina Sea Grant’s seafood marketing specialist, has compiled A Primer on North Carolina Seafood, a free online resource for anyone interested in the commercial seafood industry.

“People are paying much greater attention to where, how, and from whom their seafood is sourced,” Nash says. “To better address this need for information, we created an online overview of the state’s commercial fishing.”

The primer describes North Carolina fisheries, provides harvest statistics, and explains how the seafood supply chain impacts the state’s economy. Other sections also explain how the seafood industry has shaped the history and cultural heritage of North Carolina.

In addition, consumers can access information about seafood’s health benefits, as well as safety tips, including how best to handle and prepare seafood at home.

A Primer on North Carolina Seafood also serves as a hub for a wide array of related resources, including links to videos, festivals, recipes, dietary guidelines, and more.

Nash says the new online resource complements background information Sea Grant previously developed on the state’s shellfish mariculture industry.

A Primer on North Carolina Seafood

About N.C.’s shellfish mariculture industry


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