Autumn 2019 Cover of CoastwatchAutumn 2019

From the Executive Director
Season-to-Season Successes
Summer was full of successes and change. Looking forward, fall will be a time of renewed efforts in priority areas.

A Fish for All Occasions
A Quest for the Heart of the Local Seafood Lover
A Sea Grant specialist joins forces with a local distributor to learn what North Carolina’s seafood consumers really want.

The Great Deluge
A Chronicle of the Aftermath of Hurricane Floyd
“I stepped out on the back porch, and water came up to to my knees. And that woke me up.”

River of Time
The Stunning Old Growth Forest in the Three Sisters Swamp
North Carolina’s famous 66-mile-long Black River holds living bald cypresses that were saplings before Rome was an empire.

When Science Intersects with Local Expertise
Five new partnerships are tackling pressing issues in North Carolina through the Community Collaborative Research Grant Program.

Naturalist’s Notebook
Working With Nature
A new guide offers plant suggestions for sustainable — and beautiful — coastal landscaping.

Hook, Line & Science
Life and Death for Dolphinfish, Roaming Red Drum,
Triggering Triggerfish, and Summer Vacation for Striped Bass

Our fisheries specialists break down the latest science for anglers.

Coastal Currents
Migrating Marshes Reveal Sea Level Rise and Human Activity
Marshes face both natural and human stressors on seaward and landward edges.

Sea Science
XBeach Model Predicts Storm Impacts on Beaches and Dunes
New research looks at how to connect predictions of beach and dune erosion to community-wide flooding.

The Back Cover
Sea Grant’s Spencer Rogers Nets Award for Excellence

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