Recreational Fishing (and Other Fun)

Our state ranks first among Atlantic states for the number of people who fish recreationally in saltwater off the East Coast. We’ve gathered our favorite articles on fishing below, and you also can read about boating, beach combing, crabbing, and other fun.


The Anglers Who Are Best at What They Do — And More
in the Summer 2021 issue
In this study most anglers were locals, and most ended the day empty- handed.

Illegal Angling, Measuring the Megalodon, and More
in the Spring 2021 issue
Video footage revealed that illegal fishing occurred regularly within the areas under observation.

Sharks, Shrimp, and Computerized Fish IDs
in the Autumn 2020 issue
New regulations went into effect requiring use of a descending device in South Atlantic federal waters to help improve survival of released deepwater fish. But can shark appetites undermine this conservation strategy?

Blacktip Sharks, Historic Dock Photos, and Hand-Crank Electrofishing
in the Summer 2020 issue
For those who would rather not mess with catching a shark – and who would rather keep their bait – here are some factors that could influence the probability of encountering one.

The Surf Zone, Summer Spawning, and Seafood Sleuths
in the Spring 2020 issue

The Money, the Catch, and the Cape Fear
in the Winter 2019 issue

Life and Death for Dolphinfish, Roaming Red Drum,
Triggering Triggerfish, and Summer Vacation for Striped Bass

in the Autumn 2019 issue

Tuna, Toadfish and More
in the Summer 2019 issue

Gone Crabbin’
in the Summer 2019 issue

J Hooks, Warming Waters, and Favorite Reefs (pages 36-39)
in the Spring 2019 issue

Hello, Saltwater Anglers!
in the Autumn 2018 issue

Last Word:
Combing Corolla
in the Spring 2018 issue

Bundle Up and Explore: Coastal Winter Adventures
in the Winter 2018 issue

Gaining an Education on the Water: Appreciating the Forces of Nature
in the Holiday 2017 issue

Discovering Down East on the Outer Banks National Scenic Byway
in the Summer 2017 issue

Fishing for Feedback
in the Spring 2017 issue

Discover Innovative N.C. Tourism in ACCESS
in the Spring 2017 issue

Running with the Blues
in the Holiday 2016 issue

It Runs In The Blood
How Sea Turtles Respond to Interactions with Fishermen

in the Summer 2016 issue

Building a Better Reef Takes a Team
in the Winter 2015 issue

Business as Usual: Fishing for a Living
in the Winter 2015 issue

Fresh From the Farm
in the Winter 2015 issue

A Sturgeon Primer
in the Spring 2015 issue

Music in the Marsh: The Summer Soundscapes of the Rachel Carson Reserve
in the Summer 2015 issue

The Power of Observation
in the Autumn 2015 issue

In Their Own Words: Sea Grant Fellows Share Research Snapshots
in the Autumn 2015 issue

Building a Partnership for Success
in the Holiday 2015 issue

Does It Really Start at Home? How North Carolina Marine Habitats Influence Black Sea Bass Growth and Maturity
in the Holiday 2015 issue

Dog(Fish) Days of Winter
in the Holiday 2015 issue

Fishing for Funding
in the Holiday 2015 issue

Improving Survival: New Gear May Help Catch-and-Release Fish
in the Holiday 2015 issue

Local Catch: Trapping and Tasting an Invader
in the Holiday 2015 issue

Local Catch: Traditional Working Boats of the Outer Banks
in the Winter 2013 issue

Save Fuel, Money: Running Your Boat by the Numbers
in the Summer 2013 issue

Local Catch: Hunting Lions
in the Autumn 2013 issue

The Pamlico Sound: Fishing Gem of North Carolina
in the Summer 2012 issue

No Discharge Zone: Southeastern Waters Designated
in the Spring 2011 issue

How to Nab a Crab
in the Spring 2010 issue

For-Hire Fishing: Rich in Coastal History; Enriching Coastal Economies
in the Summer 2010 issue

Texting Your Catch: New Technology for Recreational Fishing Data
in the Spring 2009 issue

More than Sport: Research Targets Speckled Trout
in the Spring 2009 issue

Mapping the Overlap: Terrapins and Crab Pots in the Lower Cape Fear Region
in the Summer 2009 issue

Finding Fish in Lots of Water
in the Winter 2008 issue

Picking up the Paddle: Fuel-Free Fishing in North Carolina
in the Holiday 2008 issue

VIPS: Friendly Fishing Competition
in the Spring 2005 issue

Fishing the Deep Blue Sea: New Federal Permit Required for Highly Migratory Species
in the Early Summer 2004 issue

Fall Prime Fishing Season in North Carolina
in the Autumn 2000 issue

The Red Drum:
First in Fish for NC Recreational Anglers

in the High Season 2000 issue

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