Recipes, news, and all the ins and outs of the local seafood scene…

Here, you can read about what North Carolinians have been telling people for years. The best seafood on the Atlantic Seaboard comes from our own coast.

Perspectives from a Seafood Insider
in the Winter 2024 issue
Seaview Crab Company has seven locations, including its Midtown Market at 1515 Marstellar Street in Wilmington. Nathan King co-owns Seaview Crab with Sam and Joe Romano.

Winter Wonders
in the Winter 2024 issue
Enjoy these Wintertime treats!

Who’s Afraid of New Seafood?
in the Fall 2023 issue
Packed with 16 grams of healthy protein per serving, seasoned catfish skin chips make for a tasty treat.

For Autumn Appetites
in the Fall 2023 issue
Enjoy these Fall specials.

Mariner’s Menu
Summertime Specials
in the Summer 2023 issue
Check fish markets around a full moon for fresh soft-shell crabs.

Mariner’s Menu: 
Lights, Camera, Crab Cakes: Cooking North Carolina Seafood with Chef Ricky Moore
in the Spring 2023 issue
These three new videos feature Chef Moore preparing baked grouper with fresh herbs, crispy flounder fillets, and one of the chef’s own recipes, “My Crab Cakes.”

News in Archeology:
Neanderthals Cooked and Ate Crabs 90,000 Years Ago
in the Spring 2023 issue
Even cave dwellers loved seafood.

Our Coast, Our Future:
The 2022 North Carolina Coastal Conference
videos, photos, resources
in the Winter 2022 issue
They came to Raleigh from across North Carolina, discussed urgent and emerging issues affecting our coast, forged new ties, and literally devoured new research for lunch — and you can watch it here.

Mariner’s Menu
Our Top Five Holiday Recipes . . .
. . . and a sneak peek at “Cooking North Carolina Seafood,” a new video series
in the Winter 2022 issue
In 2023, North Carolina Sea Grant will launch new videos featuring Chef Ricky Moore, the James Beard Foundation’s Best Chef in the Southeast.

Hook, Line & Science
What Lionfish Eat, Big Seafood Lovers, and Incredible Shrinking Dead Fish
in the Winter 2022 issue
Three videos from the award-winning series answer three questions with the latest science for anglers.

Mariner’s Menu: 
Oyster Casino, Snapper Fillets, Stuffed Clams, and More
These treats are the tip of the iceberg from

Cultivating the  Sea: 
Is There a Profitable Market for Farm-Fresh Black Sea Bass?
Thanks to breakthroughs from a team at UNCW, this seafood favorite could reach many more consumers.

Is There a Future for Oyster Relaying in North Carolina?
For years, oyster farmers in our state have reported greater numbers of healthy oysters in areas that they harvest.

What’s So Special About North Carolina’s Oysters? 
Savoring the NC Oyster Trail
Farms, tastes, and tales — now foodies and adventurers can explore the magic of the North Carolina oyster.

Mariner’s Menu
Crab Imperial, Grilled Striped Bass, and More
Enjoy these summertime treats.

Mariner’s Menu
Crab Cakes with Fresh Lime, Sautéed Tuna Steaks with Tarragon, and More

Enjoy these spring treats — and visit for more.

Blue Economy
Four Big Takeaways from our study of North Carolina’s Seafood Industry
North Carolina’s wild-caught commercial seafood industry provides nearly $300 million in economic impact and 5,500 jobs for the state.

Fishing for Food and Finding Connection
“Not everyone with a rod and reel is just fishing for fun. For some people, the stakes can be much higher.”

Mariner’s Menu
Clams Casino, Cornbread-Oyster Dressing, Sautéed Striped Bass With Garlic-Basil Butter, and More

Enjoy these savory specials over the holidays and during the new year.

Conserving a Culture
Land Development, Climate Change, and the Gullah/Geechee Nation
“We teach our children the same traditional ways to go out in the water, and the same traditional ways to live from the land: only when things are in season.”

Mariner’s Menu  
Crab-Stuffed Baked Potatoes, Fried Striped Bass with Parmesan, and More

Enjoy four new savory specials this fall.

New Links in the Sea-to-Table Chain:
The North Carolina Local Food Council Responds in the Pandemic’s Darkest Hour

The loss of restaurant and other food service markets shook the commercial fishing industry to its core in the first half of 2020.

The Anglers Who Are Best at What They Do — And More
In this study most anglers were locals, and most ended the day empty- handed.

Mariner’s Menu: Savory Summertime
Just in time: Asian Curried Shrimp, mahi-mahi with tropical glaze, easy grilled soft-shelled crabs, and triggerfish with shallot butter. 

Magic at 64.4 Degrees
Diligence and hard-earned expertise contributed to a recent breakthrough that has positioned farmed striped bass for commercial success. And scientists behind the innovation say they couldn’t have done it without another key ingredient: luck.

Mariner’s Menu: Spring Succulence
Enjoy these delights this spring.

Mariner’s Menu: Winter Wonders
Follow these easy recipes for delights you can enjoy this holiday season and beyond.

The Moon, Mystery Fish, and More
What’s on your fish platter?

Mariner’s Menu: Fall Favorites
One of the fastest growing websites for seafood recipes provides us with savory fall delights.

Mariner’s Menu: Summertime Sumptuousness
Mahi-mahi bisque, walnut-encrusted snapper, and honey-glazed shrimp: easy to make, even easier to eat.

How to Freeze Your Fresh North Carolina Seafood
If you’re limiting your shopping trips right now, you can freeze your seafood to enjoy later.

Springtime Sensations
in the Spring 2020 issue

The Surf Zone, Summer Spawning, and Seafood Sleuths
in the Spring 2020 issue

A Fish for All Occasions: A Quest for the Heart of the Local Seafood Lover
in the Autumn 2019 issue

Seasonal Specialties
in the Winter 2019 issue

The “Best Chef in the Triangle” Talks Carolina Cooking
in the Winter 2019 issue

Testing the Waters
in the Summer 2019 issue

From Sea to Table to You
in the Spring 2019 issue

Bon Voyage!
in the Winter 2018 issue

Summer’s Spread
in theSummer 2018 issue

Autumn Flavors That Bring Heat
in the Autumn 2017 issue

Developing New Seafood Products
in the Spring 2017 issue

Spreading the Word about Southern Oysters
in the Spring 2017 issue

Tastes from the Past Worth Repeating
in the Spring 2017 issue

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Grilled Seafood
in the Summer 2017 issue

As American as Southern Seafood
in the Winter 2017 issue

Developing Recipes, Nourishing the Community
in the Winter 2017 issue

Peek into Coastal North Carolina Research
in the Winter 2017 issue

Working Together: Communities Collaborate, Engage with Researchers
in the Holiday 2017 issue

Falling for Oysters
in the Holiday 2017 issue

A Little of This, A Little of That: Variety is the Spice of Seafood
in the Autumn 2016 issue

All Flavor, No Sweat
in the Summer 2016 issue

Flora of the Coastal Plain
in the Summer 2016 issue

Researchers Reach Into Communities
in the Summer 2016 issue

Ride the Currents
in the Summer 2016 issue

Expanding Consumer Palates
in the Spring 2016 issue

Blue Holiday, Flavor Included
in the Holiday 2016 issue

Growing Oysters at Home in Coastal North Carolina
in the Holiday 2016 issue

Making North Carolina Oysters Safer
in the Holiday 2016 issue

Spicing it Up
in the Holiday 2016 issue

Trapping and Tasting an Invader
in the Holiday 2015 issue

Fresh From the Farm
in the Winter 2015 issue

Food Fish, Good Fish
in theAutumn 2015 issue

A Sturgeon Primer
in the Spring 2015 issue

Resurrecting Sturgeon: Infusing New Flavors Into Old Favorite
in the Spring 2015 issue

Sturgeon Recipes
in the Spring 2015 issue

Throwback Tasting
in the Spring 2015 issue

Shining the Spotlight on Flounder
in the Autumn 2014 issue

Taming the Trout: Burgers Go Fishing
in the Autumn 2014 issue

Bring Your Own Knives:
Shucking at the Varnamtown Oyster Roast

in the Winter 2014 issue

All Wrapped Up
in the Holiday 2014 issue

Gifts From The Sea
in the Holiday 2014 issue

In From the Cold: Fresh vs. Frozen Seafood
in the Holiday 2014 issue

Moving Fish: Supply and Demand in North Carolina’s Seafood Industry
in the Holiday 2014 issue

A Center for Growing Seafood, Testing Ideas
in the Winter 2013 issue

Broiled Oysters
in the Winter 2013 issue

From Sheepshead to Softshells: North Carolina’s James Beard Award Contenders Talk Local Seafood
in the Spring 2013 issue

Ingesting Invaders: Serving Up Lionfish
in the Autumn 2013 issue

How to Dress and Fillet Lion Fish
in the Autumn 2013 issue

Hunting for Quicksilver: Testing Local Seafood for Mercury
in the Summer 2012 issue

Healthy Seafood Choices
in the Summer 2012 issue

Fish Ashore
in the Autumn 2012 issue

Wrapped Up for the Holidays
in the Holiday 2012 issue

Audience Judges Select Winning Shrimp and Grits
in the Holiday 2012 issue

And the Survey Says: Local Seafood Reigns
in the Winter 2011 issue

Coastal Wild Edibles: Stalking the Wild Sea Lettuce
in the Summer 2011 issue

Tar Heel Blue Crabs: Still the State’s Most Valuable Seafood
in the Autumn 2011 issue

Start Your Appetites: Fall for Food, Fun and Festivities
in the Autumn 2011 issue

Enjoy Autumn’s Bounty
in the Autumn 2011 issue

Serve Up Seasonal Offerings
in the Holiday 2011 issue

Education on a Plate Served with a Dash of Local Pride
in the Autumn 2010 issue

Fresh Seafood Ideas: Autumn Catch
in the Autumn 2010 issue

Celebrating Local Seafood
in the Holiday 2010 issue

Seafood Soups: A Fine Kettle of Fish & Shellfish
in the Winter 2009 issue

Scrumptious Snapper: Steamed, Poached, Fried or Marinated
in the Spring 2009 issue

Seafood: Fresh & Local
in the Summer 2009 issue

New Blog Features Fresh Seafood Ideas and More
in the Holiday 2009 issue

Take a Crab to Lunch or Dinner
in the Early Summer 2008 issue

Recognizing Quality At Your Local Seafood Counter
in the Autumn 2008 issue

Curbing the Import Appetite: Selling American Shrimp in the U.S. Market
in the Winter 2007 issue

Russian “Fish Yard” Boasts Seafood Bounty
in the Winter 2006 issue

Microwaving: Fast Results for Surimi Testing
in the High Season 2006 issue

Flounder Feast
in the Holiday 2006 issue

Onboard Handling Techniques Key to Safer Seafood
in the Early Summer 2005 issue

Carteret Catch: New Marketing Project Promotes Local Seafood
in the Holiday 2005 issue

Maritime Morsels: Shellfish Expo Features Clam, Oyster Dishes
in the Holiday 2005 issue

Value-Added Products Boost Sales at Seafood Companies
in the Spring 2004 issue

Shrimp: A Favorite Catch
in the High Season 2004 issue

Seafood Appetizers: Fresh from the Start
in the Autumn 2003 issue

Maritime Morsels: Shucking Oysters, Clams Like a Pro
in the Winter 2002 issue

Catch It and Cook It
in the Early Summer 2002 issue

North Carolina Seafood Processors Go Global
in the Autumn 2002 issue

Sea Science: Quality Key to International Seafood Standards
in the Autumn 2002 issue

Seafood Dishes are Tasty Holiday Fare
in the Holiday 2002 issue

Maritime Morsels: Seafood is Heart Food
in the Winter 2001 issue

Maritime Marinades: Chemistry in the Kitchen
in the Holiday 2001 issue


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