Our readers love ’em. Here you can find everything you need to know about sharks of North Carolina, including the most popular Coastwatch article of all-time, aptly titled, of course, “Sharks of North Carolina.”

Shark Facts that Might Surprise You
in the Summer 2020 issue

Welcome to the Neighborhood
in the Autumn 2018 issue

Animal Societies
in the Winter 2017 issue

Small but Mighty: Minigrants Support Quick Turnaround Pilots
in the Holiday 2015 issue

Lights, Camera, Shark
in the Autumn 2015 issue

Swimming with Sharks
in the Autumn 2015 issue

Dog(fish) Days of Winter
in the Holiday 2015 issue

Sharks of North Carolina
in the Spring 2014 issue

Shark Research in the Rulifson Lab
in the Winter 2014 issue

Undersea Exploration: Charting New Pathways to the Abyss
in the Spring 2013 issue

Fins to the Left, Fins to the Right: Netting Sharks to Snare Data for Fisheries Management
in the Spring 2011 issue

2010 Fishery Resource Grants: Ushering Benefits, Rewards for Coastal Communities, Ecosystems
in the Summer 2010 issue

Listening to the Sea
in the Summer 2010 issue

Dogs Days: Estimating Spiny Dogfish Populations
in the High Season 2007 issue

Extreme Makeovers: Not Your Daddy’s Aquarium
in the High Season 2005 issue

Fishing the Deep-Blue Sea: New Federal Permit Required for Highly Migratory Species
in the Early Summer 2004 issue

Risk of Shark Attack is Minimal
in the High Season 2002 issue

lead photo: bull sharks, amanderson2/CC-BY-2.0