As winter turns to spring, North Carolina’s coastal region offers many locations with ideal settings to reflect on time. They include, from left to right: Fort Macon Sate Park; waters in and near Elizabeth City; the Fort Fisher area; and Carolina Beach State Park. First, third and fourth photos courtesy of N.C. Division of Parks and Recreation. Second photo courtesy of Liza Franco.


The new year gives Cynthia M. Sharpe, a spoken-word artist based in Raleigh, the opportunity to reflect and look ahead. A native of Elizabeth City, she is a graduate of North Carolina State University, where she served as a North Carolina Sea Grant communications intern.

Forgive me Time
For I have sinned.

Thinking I have plenty of you,
I have wasted you,
When you deserved to be used wisely.

I have not loved when the opportunity to love presented itself,
Kissed when a kiss would have made a moment so much sweeter,
Laughed when a chuckle wasn’t enough,
Smiled as often as I could have,
Spoken as often as I should have,
Or forgiven when I had the chance.

Forgive me…

I have squandered
Countless hours with timidity,
Exchanged good times for wallowing in sorrow,
And let blessings pass for lack of motivation.
You have given too much of yourself
For me not to take advantage.
I have yet to make the difference I was placed here for.
Who learned to fly without wings
Who passes away but meets no demise
Who laughs at the phrase, “‘til the end of time”
And nods in agreement with “only time will tell”…
Healer of wounds,
Mender of hearts,
You who like a strong, independent woman, waits for no man.

I want to make memories with you…
Fast forward the worst days,
Slow down moments I may be quick to forget,
Freeze the moments I should cherish forever,
And replay on repeat the best times of our lives.

Please Time,
Forgive me.
For I have not forgiven when I had the chance.