Lisa Schiavinato, front row, second from right, said goodbye to her North Carolina Sea Grant colleagues at the end of August. Photo by E-Ching Lee

So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish

Center co-director Lisa Schiavinato says goodbye to North Carolina before departing for the West Coast.

Aerial view of flooded New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. The Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans flooded after Hurricane Katrina. Photo by Lieut. Commander Mark Moran, NOAA Corps, NMAO/AOC.

Splitting Heirs

Heirs’ property ownership can result in a lack of authenticated, written wills that could later be probated to preserve official title. This paper discusses how the absence of clear title could affect coastal resilience planning.

Reflection of sun on water.

Autumn 2016 Legal Tides

Looking to the Future of Oyster Aquaculture in North Carolina: A Comparison of Regulations among Mid-Atlantic States
Sand, dunes, footprints on a Pender County beach