Summer 2021

Letter from the Executive Director

Above and Below
The Impact of Weather Events on Water Quality and Quantity
Two projects explore very different effects of weather on surface water and groundwater in coastal North Carolina.

The Butterfly Effect
A native Crystal Coast species inspires backyard stewardship.

Mapping the Future
Climate Change and Flooding in Coastal North Carolina
As seas rise and storms strengthen, new modeling will help communities assess heightened flood risks.

From Sea to Space
Astronaut Zena Cardman’s Love for Science Is Out of This World
This marine scientist turned astronaut now serves in a NASA program designed to land the first woman on the moon — and she’s eligible for missions to Mars.

Hook, Line & Science
The Anglers Who Are Best at What They Do — And More
In this study most anglers were locals, and most ended the day empty- handed.

Mariner’s Menu
Savory Summertime

Just in time: Asian curried shrimp, mahi-mahi with tropical glaze, easy grilled soft-shell crabs, and triggerfish with shallot butter.

Against Wind and Water
As climate change brings more intense hurricanes and higher seas that threaten the shape and survival of coastal communities, homeowners still have options that can help to reduce the risk of property damage.

Naturalist’s Notebook
Skedaddling Sea Turtles
How Loggerheads React to Hurricanes
Not only do the turtles dive longer and change locations, but their new behaviors linger after the storms have passed.

The Back Cover  Rip Currents: how to spread the word and save a life.

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