Blue Economy

Seafood and commercial fishing, access to global markets through shipping and transport, tourism and recreation all supply thousands of jobs and billions in revenue for North Carolina. When economic activity is in balance with the long-term capacity of the coastal and ocean ecosystems, a blue economy emerges.

Why Water Temperatures Matter
in the Winter 2024 issue
New research looks at long-term trends in NC estuaries — changes that could bring new species to our coast.

Perspectives from a Seafood Insider
in the Winter 2024 issue
Seaview Crab Company has seven locations, including its Midtown Market at 1515 Marstellar Street in Wilmington. Nathan King co-owns Seaview Crab with Sam and Joe Romano.

Is Climate Change Creating More. . . Pirates?
in the Winter 2024 issue
Dwindling fish populations from warming waters could increase maritime crime.

Who’s Afraid of New Seafood?
in the Fall 2023 issue
Packed with 16 grams of healthy protein per serving, seasoned catfish skin chips make for a tasty treat.

Economic Impact
Wildlife Management Areas Support Local Businesses
in the Spring 2023 issue
Hunters, anglers, and boaters help fuel the economy.  

Our Coast, Our Future:
The 2022 North Carolina Coastal Conference
videos, photos, resources
in the Winter 2022 issue
They came to Raleigh from across North Carolina, discussed urgent and emerging issues affecting our coast, forged new ties, and literally devoured new research for lunch — and you can watch it here.

From Water to Air
with “Algal Blooms Pose Possible Respiratory Threat,” a video from UNC Research
in the Winter 2022 issue
When cyanobacteria goes airborne, community scientists are helping to investigate.

Sustainable Fisheries
Keeping Sharks Off Gear
with Why So Many Sharks Die and What We Can Do About It, a video from Sci NC
and with Sara Mirabilio’s presentation at the 2022 North Carolina Coastal Conference (video)
in the Winter 2022 issue
“To an approaching shark, even a weak electrical impulse can be disorientating or physically uncomfortable.”

Cultivating the  Sea: 
Is There a Profitable Market for Farm-Fresh Black Sea Bass?
in the Autumn 2022 issue
Thanks to breakthroughs from a team at UNCW, this seafood favorite could reach many more consumers.

Is There a Future for Oyster Relaying in North Carolina?
in the Autumn 2022 issue
For years, oyster farmers in our state have reported greater numbers of healthy oysters in areas that they harvest.

What’s So Special About North Carolina’s Oysters? 
Savoring the NC Oyster Trail
in the Autumn 2022 issue
Farms, tastes, and tales — now foodies and adventurers can explore the magic of the North Carolina oyster.

From Hurricane Hazel to the Morning Light:
Coastal Carolina Through a Shrimper’s Eyes
in the Summer 2022 issue
After using scrap metal to build his own boat, Harry Bryant escaped waterspouts and a lightning strike and earned a living on the open water for 32 years.

Are Warming Seas affecting how Blue Crabs escape Predators?
in the Spring 2022 issue
Along much of the North Carolina coast, seagrasses are a critical habitat for juvenile blue crabs, providing a refuge from predators.

Blue Economy
Four Big Takeaways from our study of North Carolina’s Seafood Industry
in the Spring 2022 issue
North Carolina’s wild-caught commercial seafood industry provides nearly $300 million in economic impact and 5,500 jobs for the state.

Fishing for Food and Finding Connection
in the Spring 2022 issue
“Not everyone with a rod and reel is just fishing for fun. For some people, the stakes can be much higher.”

New Links in the Sea-to-Table Chain:
The North Carolina Local Food Council Responds in the Pandemic’s Darkest Hour

in the Fall 2021 issue
The loss of restaurant and other food service markets shook the commercial fishing industry to its core in the first half of 2020.

In the Wake of Storms
in the Spring 2021 issue
Even as our state’s capacity for seafood processing declines, wholesalers and distributors have built a network that rapidly deploys initial aid to coastal communities after hurricanes.

Blue Economy
in the Spring 2021 issue
Farmers and fishers have much in common in the way of obstacles and opportunities.

How to Freeze Your Fresh North Carolina Seafood
in the Summer 2020 issue
If you’re limiting your shopping trips right now, you can freeze your seafood to enjoy later.

Coastal Landscaping: The Next Blue Economy Sector?
in the Spring 2020 issue

The Greatest Show on the East Coast:
New Journeys into the Heart of North Carolina’s Darkness
in the Spring 2020 issue

Why Do Some Anglers Target Bluefin Tuna While Others Do Not?
in the Summer 2019 issue

A Fish for All Occasions:
A Quest for the Heart of the Local Seafood Lover

in the Autumn 2019 issue

From Sea to Table to You
in the Spring 2019 issue

New NC Shellfish Initiative Aids in Florence Damage Assessments
in the Autumn 2018 issue

Developing Recipes, Nourishing the Community
in the Winter 2017 issue

Building a Blue Economy in North Carolina
in the Spring 2017 issue

Developing New Seafood Products
in the Spring 2017 issue

Discover Innovative Tourism Access
in the Spring 2017 issue

Spreading the Word about Southern Oysters
in the Spring 2017 issue

Discovering Down East on the Outer Banks National Scenic Byway
in the Summer 2017 issue

Growing Better Bivalves: Science, Local Knowledge Enhance N.C. Business
in the Summer 2017 issue

Restoring Our Oysters: Dealing with the Sponge Problem
in the Summer 2017 issue

Growing Oysters at Home in Coastal North Carolina
in the Holiday 2016 issue

Cut the Corner:
Drawing Visitors to Northeastern North Carolina

in the Autumn 2015 issue

Planting the Seeds for a Common Wealth
in the Autumn 2015 issue

Behind the Scenes: An Aquarium Adventure
in the Winter 2014 issue

Home in a Oyster Shell:
New Oyster Aquaculture Operations Grow Seed, Take Root

in the Winter 2014 issue

Coastal Science Serves North Carolina:
Sea Grant Funds New Research Projects

in the Spring 2014 issue

The Seafood Safety Squad:
Ensuring Quality of Coastal Delicacies

in the Spring 2014 issue

Gene Groups Key to Embryo Development
in the Summer 2014 issue

Taming the Trout: Burgers Go Fishing
in the Autumn 2014 issue

Moving Fish:
Supply and Demand in North Carolina’s Seafood Industry

in the Holiday 2014 issue

A Center for Growing Seafood, Testing Ideas
in the Winter 2013 issue

Marine Debris, Oyster Health among New BCSRP Projects
in the Summer 2013 issue

Trail Mix: Scenic Byway, Maritime Trail Beckon to Visitors
in the Summer 2013 issue

Sailing Through Stormy Seas:
Fish Houses Change to Stay Afloat

in the Autumn 2013 issue

Sea Grass Sustains Fisheries
in the Autumn 2013 issue

Size Matters: Testing a New Mesh Size for Black Sea Bass
in the Holiday 2013 issue

Hooks in the Gulf Stream:Captains and Scientists Reel in Data
in the Winter 2012 issue

Where to Next?
Uncovering Property Owners’ Perceptions

in the Winter 2012 issue

Science for the Sea and Shore: North Carolina Sea Grant Announces New Research Projects
in the Spring 2012 issue

Take It Outside: Wet and Wild Coastal North Carolina
in the Summer 2012 issue

People First Tourism: Connecting with Nature’s Bounty
in the Autumn 2012 issue

Science Working for the Economy
in the Holiday 2012 issue

In Search of a Better Way: Adjusting Shrimp Trawl Gear
in the Holiday 2012 issue

Start Your Appetites: Fall for Food, Fun and Festivities
in the Autumn 2011 issue

Winds of Change: Shrimpers Plan for the Future
in the Holiday 2011 issue

Community Supported Ingenuity
in the Winter 2010 issue

Dreams of Black Pearls
in the Spring 2010 issue

New Core Research: Coastal Science Serving North Carolina
in the Spring 2010 issue

Harvests of Perseverance: Sea Grant Funded Innovations Showcased at State Aquaculture Conference
in the Spring 2010 issue

2010 Fishery Resource Grants: Ushering Benefits, Rewards for Coastal Communities, Ecosystems
in the Summer 2010 issue

Seafood: Fresh and Local
in the Summer 2009 issue

Return of the Bay Scallops
in the Holiday 2009 issue

Simply Shellfish: Growers Tout Shellfish Aquaculture Sustainability
in the Winter 2008 issue

Research Examines Impacts and Options for Fish Farming
in the Spring 2008 issue

Keeping Local Seafood Afloat: Workshop Explores Consumer Trends and Marketing Strategies
in the Early Summer 2008 issue

Growing Coastal Stewardship: Student Aquaculture on the Outer Banks
in the High Season 2008 issue

Curbing the Import Appetite: Selling American Shrimp in the US Market
in the Winter 2007 issue

Fish House Study Quantifies Decline
in the High Season 2007 issue

Marine Trades Training Boosts Coastal Economy
in the Autumn 2007 issue

Going with the Flow: Aquaculture’s Water Quality Woes
in the Winter 2006 issue

Crowding Out Shellfish
in the Winter 2006 issue

Juggling Hybrids and Homes: Balancing Fish Farming and Local Development
in the Winter 2006 issue

There’s More than One Way to Catch a Shrimp
in the Winter 2006 issue

Hatteras’ Changing Waterfront: Fishing Traditions, Boat Slips Dwindling
in the High Season 2006 issue

Shrimp Economics: Coastal Tradition and Global Economy Converge
in the Winter 2005 issue

Carteret Catch: New Marketing Project Promotes Local Seafood
in the Holiday 2005 issue

Value-Added Products Boost Sales at Seafood Companies
in the Spring 2004 issue

Southern Flounder: A Hot Candidate for Aquaculture
in the Winter 2003 issue

Black Sea Bass: Aquaculture Opportunity
in the Early Summer 2003 issue

North Carolina Seafood Processors Go Global
in the Autumn 2002 issue

Fish Farming: Aquaculture Offers Diversity
in the Winter 2001 issue

A New Bag of Tricks for Clam Farmers
in the Winter 2001 issue

The Vanishing Oyster: Stocks are Declining in North Carolina
in the Winter 2000 issue


lead photo by Daniel Pullen