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Blue Economy

When economic activity is in balance with the long-term capacity of the coastal and ocean ecosystems, a blue economy emerges.

Coastal Landscapes and Plant Life

Thanks in large part to North Carolina Sea Grant’s Coastal Landscapes Initiative, there’s a new trend towards landscaping that enhances the coastal environment. Here, we’ve collected our stories on coastal landscaping and, more generally, on our state’s amazing seacoast plant life.

Coastal Resilience

For years, North Carolina Sea Grant has supported community and ecosystem resilience through a variety of projects and initiatives. As policymakers and planners begin to reconceive resilience as “bouncing forward,” Coastwatch offers articles at the forefront of the discussion. See also our related content on Hurricanes and Climate Change and Sea Level Rise.

Critters (other than Sharks)

From sea turtles to tree frogs to naked sea butterflies, we’ve published material on all kinds of critters. And there’s much more in our Sharks section, too.

Cultures and Histories

The rich fabric of North Carolina’s coastal cultures comprises the histories, narratives, and ways of life of people of all backgrounds and ethnicities, and it stretches across thousands of years.


Almost all of the material in Coastwatch helps fuel one of the core components of North Carolina Sea Grant’s mission: environmental education. Teachers across the state are using far more Coastwatch content in their classrooms than we’ve gathered in this section. These particular stories are about educational outreach, or they provide special resources for teachers and students in North Carolina.


New research suggests that climate change will fuel more and more supercharged storms, bringing even bigger challenges to coastal and inland North Carolina. For over four decades, Coastwatch has documented the hurricanes that have shaped our state.

Recreational Fishing (and Other Fun)

Our state ranks first among Atlantic states for the number of people who fish recreationally in saltwater off the East Coast. We’ve gathered our favorite articles on fishing here, and you also can read about boating, beach combing, crabbing, and other fun.


Here, you can read about what North Carolinians have been telling people for years. The best seafood on the Atlantic Seaboard comes from our own coast.

Sea Level Rise and Climate Change

As the global climate heats up and sea levels rise, an epic battle takes shape in our coastal watersheds, where incremental changes have enormous impacts. What does research reveal? What does climate change mean for our state? And how can we adapt and prepare for it?


Our readers love ’em. Here you can find everything you need to know about sharks of North Carolina, including the most popular Coastwatch article of all-time.

Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture

North Carolina Sea Grant provides expert assistance to the state’s diverse seafood and fishing industries, with staff members serving on advisory panels and connecting researchers to people who work in commercial and recreational fishing, aquaculture, and seafood. For decades, Coastwatch has chronicled how such projects help coastal communities sustain livelihoods, coastal culture, and the long-term health of our fisheries.

lead photo by Jarek Tuszynski, CC-BY-SA-3.0