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GONE FISHING: Traditions Thrive at Core Banks Camps

For years, anglers have been flocking to the Alger G. Willis Fishing Camps along the southern part of Cape Lookout National Seashore. Ann Green shares the camps’ colorful history and offers readers an inside look at the rustic cabins.

Restoring Inland Streams, Renewing Coastal Waters

Finding ways to restore degraded inland streams is critical to protecting the health of aquatic ecosystems in the state’s estuarine fish nurseries. Sea Grant’s Barbara Doll takes on the challenge with Rocky Branch, an inland stream in the nutrient-sensitive Neuse River Basin.

North Carolina Seafood Processors Go Global

Through the N.C. Fishery Resource Grant Program, companies are developing new value-added seafood products, including the Buffalo Catfish Nugget. Cynthia Henderson takes readers to a seafood plant that is diversifying its products.

CSS Neuse: An Ill-Fated Ironclad

In spite of her less than glorious service in the Confederate Navy, the CSS Neuse tells an important piece of Civil War history. Visit her relic hull — pulled from the muddy bottom of the Neuse River in the 1960s — in Kinston.

Jellyfish: A Stinging Sensation

Although an encounter with a stinging jellyfish is one that most swimmers won’t forget, many jellyfish are actually harmless. Robin Sutton updates beachgoers on which jellyfish to avoid and treatment for stings.

Quality Key to International Seafood Standards

In Europe, the Quality Index Method provides producers, buyers, sellers and retailers with a reliable way to measure the freshness of raw fish. A Danish graduate student shares the quality standards with North Carolina Sea Grant researchers in Morehead City.