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WACCAMAW RIVER: Abundant Resources Provide Enchanting Experiences

Join Ann Green and Lundie Spence as they paddle along the pristine waters of the Waccamaw River in Columbus County. The unique river system is home to rare plants and wildlife, which several groups are working to preserve.

HOMEWARD BOUND: Neuse Spawning Grounds Reopened

How far will American shad and striped bass swim to find suitable spawning sites? The short answer is: much farther upstream since the removal of the Quaker Neck Dam on the Neuse River. Cynthia Henderson writes about what scientists are learning by tracking the migration of both species.

LAND-USE PLANNING: Coastal Counties Prepare for the Future

New rules for coastal planning are set to go into effect in August. Pam Smith explains how some coastal counties are working with the N.C. Division of Coastal Management to design their own destinies.

Ahoy! All Aboard for Coastal Adventures

Keeping youngsters entertained during summer vacation need not be a challenge, as long as there are plenty of books on hand. Robin Sutton presents a “just for kids” list of books that will transport readers to sandy shores.

Sea-Level Rise May Put Nature and Growth on Collision Course

Global warming and rising seas need to be factored into the land-use equation, but it’s difficult to stir a sense of urgency with such a long-term issue. Find out how policy and nonregulatory measures are being explored as solutions.

Risk of Shark Attack is Minimal

The media has the public stirred up about shark attacks. But, scientists say bees, wasps and snakes are responsible for more fatalities each year than sharks. Learn the facts, and then enjoy your next swim in the ocean.