Table of Contents

WATERMARK: Crafting a Colorful History

Watermark, one of the oldest craft cooperatives in the country, reflects coastal culture and tradtions — from baskets to carved decoys. Pam Smith visits the Camden artisans as they prepare handcrafted items for the holiday season.

SEA-VIEW: Teachers Window into Barrier Island Processes

Follow teachers and students as they investigate coastal issues during a North Carolina Sea Grant workshop on the Outer Banks. The teachers and students will incorporate the lessons into earth science materials for high school teachers.

ESTUARIES: Living Research Laboratories

Imagine a laboratory as big as all outdoors. That’s the scope of the North Carolina Estuarine Research Reserves. Explore the Rachel Carson reserve with researchers and visitors as they make amazing discoveries about the estuarine environment.

Eelgrass: Binge Eaters in the Estuary

Sea Grant researcher Brant Touchette shares important findings on eelgrass — a critical player in the estuarine environment. Find out how nutrient-rich waters may be contributing to eelgrass decline.

Seafood Dishes are Tasty Holiday Fare

Oysters are in season in North Carolina from October through April. Marlene Hieronymus shares a delicious cornbread-oyster dressing and other seafood recipes that make for a festive holiday meal.

Holiday Gifts

Robin Sutton takes readers shopping for books with a North Carolina coastal connection. Each is just right for holiday giving — and receiving.