Table of Contents

SEAFOOD TRADITIONS: Mariner’s Menu is Coastal Legacy

Since the 1970s, seafood expert Joyce Taylor and her team of Nutrition Leaders have been meeting monthly to test new ways of handling, storing and preparing North Carolina seafood. Sarah Friday Peters showcases volunteers behind North Carolina Sea Grant’s new complete seafood resource book.

STRIPED MULLET: Valuable Fishery with Rich Tradition

Ann Green visits the last and only beach seine crew for striped mullet on Bogue Banks. She also explores a new North Carolina Sea Grant/N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries study on the mortality rate of striped mullet.

SCIENCE ON THE HIGH SEAS: The Oculina Banks Research Cruise

Pam Smith observes a scientific mission exploring the deep-ocean realm of Florida’s Oculina Banks – the only known deepwater reef in the world formed by¬†Oculina varicosacorals. Scientists aim to document the status of the coral habitat and fish populations in the marine protected area.

Angling for Fun: Surf Fishing Tournament Promotes Catch and Release

Ann Green takes you behind the scenes at a fishing tournament to meet anglers who have been casting their fishing lines into the Atlantic for years.

Seafood Appetizers: Fresh from the Start

Planning ahead? A Shrimp Christmas Tree will add elegance to any holiday get-together. This shrimp recipe and other appetizers from the new Mariner’s Menu seafood resource book are featured.

The Horseshoe Crab: Coastal Tank? Or Gentle Life-Bearer?

Lilly Loughner reveals the horseshoe crab’s gentle side and its lineage. She also probes into the life cycle of the brown and scary creature.