Table of Contents

Coastal Storytellers Spin Fish House Tales and Other Whoppers

Across the North Carolina coast, storytelling styles vary. Ann Green introduces readers to some coastal storytellers who pass down tales from one generation to the next. On the cover: Cooper Elementary students in Clayton, clockwise from top right, Francisco Islas, Kayla Edwards, Michaela Suarez, Sarah Maynard and Ethan Book enjoy songs and stories by John Golden.

BLUE CRAB LAB: A Recipe for Survival

Researcher Joanne Harcke is exploring techniques to grow blue crabs  in hatcheries – with an eye on stock enhancement for the state’s largest commercial fishery. Cynthia Henderson explains the life cycle and food preferences of the very young blue crabs.

HABITAT PROTECTION PLANS: Homeland Security for Fisheries

Fish do not live by water alone. The N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources is developing plans to protect coastal habitats that finfish and shellfish need for food and shelter. Pam Smith describes the habitats, threats to their health, and how citizens can get involved in the process.

SEA SCIENCE: Striped Bass Predation of River Herring Explored

Join North Carolina Sea Grant researchers as they collect striped bass under old pilings on the Chowan River. The scientists are exploring links between increased striped bass populations and decreases in river herring.

NATURALIST’S NOTEBOOK: Knowing Beans About the Beach

Discerning beachcombers are learning to look for more than seashells along the ocean coast. Julie Powers paints a fascinating picture of sea beans — curious drifters that ride on ocean currents for thousands of miles over months or years.

PEOPLE & PLACES: America’s First Mystery: The Lost Colony

More than 400 years ago, the real-life drama of The Lost Colony  played out on Roanoke Island. An outdoor drama based on the famous colony continues to attract audiences after six decades. Check out the subplots of national history and local pride.