Table of Contents

Core Banks Cottages Rich in History, Tradition

Many leasees have fond memories of the historic structures on South Core Banks. Ann Green takes a tour of the isolated island and relates storeis about the unique getaways.

A Hot Candidate for Aquaculture

Sea Grant researchers are turning up the heat on Southern flounder to increase the chances for large-scale flounder farming operations. Pam Smith introduces readers to the “flounderology” dream team.

Sea Turtles by Satellite

This N.C. Fishery Resource Grant project joins prehistory with space-age technology. Endangered sea turtles are tagged with satellite transmitters to help prevent deadly encounters with fishing gear. Cynthia Henderson talks with the researchers.

Indonesian Officials Take Home Coastal Lessons

As Indonesia enters a new era of coastal management, officials there are looking to North Carolina for model approaches — including Sea Grant’s mix of research, education and outreach. Come along with the international visitors.

Outer Banks’ Wind Field Helped Propel First Flight

Windy conditions are commonplace along the Outer Banks. Scientists explain the area’s unique weather patterns and wind technology.

A Tale of a Whale

Join Salt, the most photographed humpback whale of all time, as she travels up and down the North Carolina coast — moving from breeding grounds to feeding grounds. Jason Talley shares the wonder of the journey