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Holiday 2004

Table of Contents

No Small Catch Harvests Feature Skimmer, Otter Trawls

Shrimp trawling has a rich history in North Carolina. Ann Green highlights the early use of otter trawls and the introduction of the skimmer trawl in the 1990s by North Carolina Sea Grant. And she checks in on a new NOAA trawl study.

Holiday Spirits at High Tide Along the Cape Fear Coast

Festivities abound as the Cape Fear region rolls out the holiday season. Join Pam Smith on a tour that includes a historic homestead, a holiday tree extravaganza, a candlelight stroll, flotillas and more.

Diving for Lionfish

As divers report more lionfish off North Carolina, NOAA researchers suit up to see for themselves just how this Pacific species fares in Atlantic waters. Come aboard the R/V Cape Fear with Lilly Loughner to experience the first scuba study to examine the lionfish invasion along the East Coast.

The Life of Muzel Bryant

The holidays are a reminder that family, community and tradition are a significant part of North Carolina’s coastal heritage. Kathleen Angione introduces Muzel Bryant, an Ocracoke centenarian with a special place in the island’s history and its close-knit community.

At War in the Wetlands

There’s more to Phragmites australis than its purple plumes. In just one growing season, its dense growth can crowd out native vegetation. Pam Smith introduces a coalition of agencies that are finding the best strategies to conquer this invasive plant.

Marine Science Hands-On: Elizabeth City State Expands Program

Marine science is on the rise at Elizabeth City State University. Ann Green joins students and researchers aboard a new research vessel to learn about students’ experiences in gathering environmental data.