Table of Contents

Bounty Of Birds:
Guide, Trail Help Consumers Take Flight

Birding is becoming an increasingly popular pastime for people of all ages, and North Carolina is rich in native and migratory species. Ann Green follows birders to Bear Island, and highlights other spectacular birding sites along North Carolina’s coast.

Coastal Legacy: Science Meets History, Culture

At a coastal workshop, teachers glimpse into the heroic feats of the Chicamacomico livesaving crews, and learn about the dynamics of sea and sand. Ann Green takes readers to the sessions sponsored by the Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence SouthEast.

Cracking The Culvert:
Urban Stream Restoration In North Carolina

Restoring urban streams is becoming more popular across the nation and in North Carolina. Kathleen Angione explores two projects in North Carolina that are digging up buried streams and integrating them into city landscapes.


Gastropod Grandeur

North Carolina’s coastline is a shell collector’s dream. Hannah Richardson explains the life cycle of marine gastropods, or snails, and what makes their shells so intricate and unique.

Blue Crab Blues

Blue crab harvests are down nearly everywhere. Crabbers, fishery managers and researchers want to know why. But studying the complex life cycle of this wide-ranging species remains challenging.