Table of Contents

Investigating the Mysteries of Blue Crab Migration

Many details about blue crab migration mystify researchers, crabbers and fishery managers. Robin Wienke introduces four commercial crabbers collecting clues about how mature females move.

Re-establishing Cordgrass: Fisheries’ Friend and Shoreline Protector

Smooth cordgrass is essential to healthy salt marshes. One marina owner is researching a backyard approach to growing the grass for restoration projects — on floating coconut-fiber “biologs.”

Picking up the Paddle: Fuel-Free Fishing in North Carolina

Fishing is a traditional pastime along our coast, with some of the best spots accessible only by kayak. Kathleen Angione explores the growing and cost-effective sport of paddle fishing.

Serious Fun: Audubon Christmas Bird Count

Soon, volunteers will spread out across North Carolina and America to take part in a century-old census to monitor avian species status and distribution. Pam Smith visits with Audubon members in the Cape Fear region.

New Flooding Observation System Successful During Hanna

Since the devastating floods of Hurricane Floyd in 1999, scientists have designed models that consider both inland and coastal observations. Check out their progress.

Wave Gauge May Save Lives, Property

Sea Grant’s Spencer Rogers is helping develop and test a wave gauge to measure high-water levels during storm events — a technology that could keep people and structures out of harm’s way.

Storm Data Figure Into Sea Grant Studies

Coastal storms bring many changes to coastal biology, geology and communities. When a storm strikes, ongoing Sea Grant research can highlight and/or measure social and ecological responses.

National Honors: N.C. Student Artists Recognized at Ocean Hall Dedication

Three young artists from North Carolina will have their artwork on display at the Smithsonian Institution’s new Sant Ocean Hall.