Close up of the blue eyes of a bay scallop. Photo by Sonke Johnsen

Holiday 2009

Bay Scallops:
Reviving Dwindling Populations

NOAA satellite image of Hurriacce Floyd, taken Sepc. 16, 1999, with the storm coming over North Carolina. Courtesy NOAA

Autumn 2009

Floyd +10:
Remembering, Learning from Disaster

Diamondback terrapin. Photo by Leigh Anne Harden

Summer 2009

Tracking Terrapins:
Sharing Territory with Crabs

Rods and colorful lures used to catch speckled trout. Photo by Robin Wienke

Spring 2009

Angling Research:
Texting and Tagging Technologies

New rules to maintain water quality in NC's coastal states have resulted in new signs and warnings being posted. Photo by Pam Smith

Winter 2009

Coastal Water Quality:
Stepping up the Pace