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Spring 2009

Table of Contents

Texting Your Catch:
New Technology for Recreational Fishing Data

Text messaging has become part of everyday life, and now the technology could help with data for recreational fisheries. Kathleen Angione explores new research being conducted in North Carolina.

More Than Sport: Research Targets Speckled Trout

Spotted seatrout are the fish most targeted by N.C. recreational anglers. Robin Wienke gets lured into the sport as she joins an FRG project team conducting pilot research on seatrout tagging.

Hurricane Awareness:
Hurricane Research, Events Focus on Past, Future Storms

Hurricane season is fast approaching. Read about the latest hurricane research and upcoming events in our state, including the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Floyd.

Indonesian Officials Maintain N.C. Connections

Members of Indonesia’s Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries visit North Carolina to discuss research, policy and coastal communities. Katie Mosher introduces the delegation.

Coastal Science Investigators

Sifting through muddy sediment samples is a dirty job, but Sea Grant researchers are happy to do it. Pam Smith visits with scientists documenting chemicals in the Lower Cape Fear region that pose human health and environmental concerns.

Right Whale Population — Up by One

A familiar right whale brings her new baby to North Carolina waters, much to the delight of researchers and the public.

Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Get ready to explore the ocean from a completely new perspective. Pam Smith introduces readers to Google Ocean.

Sea Grant Launches New Web Site

North Carolina Sea Grant has a new Web site. Kathleen Angione discusses the process behind the design.

Scrumptious Snapper: Steamed, Poached, Fried or Marinated

In season during the spring, snapper makes a delicious dish — steamed, poached, fried or marinated. Enjoy!