Table of Contents

A Sense of Place: Down East and Beyond

The eastern end of Carteret County has deep cultural roots, but has felt the winds of change in recent years. A Sea Grant research project helps residents and property owners identify common ground and challenges.

On Currituck Pond:
A New Project Teaches About Stormwater Pollution and Coastal Health

A stormwater runoff pond and its surroundings receive a makeover. Benjamin Young Landis chronicles the before and after of a demonstration site at the Currituck County Cooperative Extension center.

Birding on the High Seas

Birders come to North Carolina to observe the abundance of pelagic species that forage in the waters of the Gulf Stream. Eleanor Spicer Rice takes you along for the ride.

The Rise of the Jellies

Jellyfish sightings are common in North Carolina, along with the occasional sting. Cheyenne Autry explains how beachgoers can help scientists by reporting these events.

Assessing Shipwrecks: The Value of Preservation

What is a shipwreck worth — monetarily and otherwise — to a community? Jerry Allegood talks to a researcher who is trying to pin down that elusive value.

Celebrating Local Seafood

View photos of the action and some recipes that were demonstrated at Cooking with the Chefs during the annual N.C. Seafood Festival.

Rain and Floods Wreak Havoc

After the flood came the clean up. Find out what is happening with eastern North Carolina counties that were flooded recently.