Table of Contents

Aquaculture: Science Working for the Economy

Oysters, prawns, flounder, hybrid striped bass and rainbow trout. These are just some of the products that North Carolina aquaculturists produce. Come along with Pam Smith as she visits innovative growers across North Carolina.

In Search of a Better Way: Adjusting Shrimp Trawl Gear

A local shrimper set out to find ways to make sorting his catch faster. His research resulted in higher-quality shrimp and better survival rates for unintended catch.

Reworking Turtle Excluder Devices on Summer Flounder Trawls

Sea Grant-funded researchers also tested a new turtle excluder device for the summer flounder winter fishery in North Carolina. E-Ching Lee explains what they found.

Bidding Adieu: A Collective Tip of the Hat

Michael Voiland is a man of many hats — and of many duties — in his tenure as executive director of North Carolina Sea Grant and the Water Resources Research Institute of the University of North Carolina. Katie Mosher gives a roundup.

Strongholds of the Coast

Join Morgan Jones for a glimpse into the state’s past as she tours several coastal forts.

Hurricanes Past

Tiny shells leave clues. Sharon Settlage explores the science of searching for ancient storms.

Wrapped Up for the Holidays

When company comes over for year-end celebrations, whip up some delicious seafood appetizers, courtesy of Mariner’s Menu. Cheers!

Audience Judges Select Winning Shrimp and Grits

Get the winning shrimp and grits recipe from the Cooking with the Chefs competition at this year’s N.C. Seafood Festival.