Table of Contents

Advancing Sea Oat Biology: Advancing Dunes

Dunes are iconic to North Carolina beaches. Their signature species is a grass that mimics oats. Join Sharon Settlage as she explores the sea oats that embellish the dunes and the science behind the plants.

Plymouth Prepares for the Future: Flooding Threats in a Changing Climate

City leaders praise the river that runs through their town. But rising sea level and heavy rains bring trouble. Visit Plymouth and its leaders with Michelle Covi to learn their approaches to solutions.

Hoping for a Comeback: Researchers Eye River Herring

There was a time when herring were so thick in a creek that it looked like you could walk on them. What happened to the fish? Why can’t they recover? Explore these questions and more with Jerry Allegood as he ponders ear bones, plankton and the memory of fish fries.

Science for the Sea and Shore: North Carolina Sea Grant Announces New Research Projects

Sea Grant selected 12 projects for its 2012 to 2014 funding cycle, including studies on oysters, flounder, developing ocean literacy and water runoff. E-Ching Lee summarizes what researchers will be doing.

Molly by the Sea

Invite the kids to join Molly as she spends a morning with her Grandpa discovering the coastal ecosystems around Ocean Isle Beach in this short work of children’s fiction by Megan Sharp.

Safe Boating Saves Lives

Semper Paratus: Always Prepared. Pam Smith checks with the U.S. Coast Guard and others for apt advice to North Carolina boaters, like tying the anchor line to the boat before throwing it overboard. Boating is not for the unprepared.