Table of Contents

FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Forecast Calls for Change

Letter from Susan White, Executive Director for North Carolina Sea Grant.

OF SALT AND SAND: Sea Grant’s History with the Queen Anne’s Revenge Project

Join Rhett Register as he looks at the projects North Carolina Sea Grant has supported to help preserve and recover the famous pirate’s shipwreck.

SAILING THROUGH STORMY SEAS: Fish Houses Change to Stay Afloat

A Sea Grant-funded inventory shows fish houses are changing to survive harsh economic tides. Devika Banerji explores how they are adjusting.

Sea Grass Sustains Fisheries

Learn how submerged aquatic grasses are home to many North Carolina fishery species and how to protect this vital coastal habitat.

A Shell’s Life

What’s in a shell? Chelsea Pierce gets the scoop on mollusks from the experts.

Taking Kids Outside Matters: Promoting Environmental Literacy in North Carolina

Kathryn Stevenson explains what is needed to build environmental literacy among middle-school students.

When Worlds Meet: Relevant Results When Citizens, Scientists Collaborate

Amy Freitag shares results of her study of collaborative water-quality projects funded by the N.C. Fishery Resource Grant Program.

Hunting Lions

Can fishing tournaments slow the invasion of lionfish into North Carolina waters? Rhett Register speaks with the organizers of a lionfish/lobster spearfishing competition.

Ingesting Invaders: Serving Up Lionfish

We adapt some Mariner’s Menu: 30 Years of Fresh Seafood Ideas recipes for lionfish.

How to Dress and Fillet Lionfish

Barry Nash shows how to safely clean and fillet the Indo-Pacific reef fish.