Table of Contents

FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Ushering in a Season of Movement, Opportunities

Letter from Susan White, Executive Director for North Carolina Sea Grant.

Trail Mix: Scenic Byway, Maritime Trail Beckon to Visitors

Explore two trails that celebrate the history and culture of the Outer Banks with Jack Horan. You might not have to leave your chair.

Sea Grant Partnerships

Katie Mosher explains Sea Grant’s role as a partner in various aspects of the byway and trail.

New FRG and BCSRP Projects

Read about North Carolina Sea Grant’s new fisheries, blue crab and shellfish projects.

Introducing North Carolina’s Amazing Coast: Natural Wonders from Alligators to Zoeas

North Carolina’s Amazing Coast is in bookstores. Terri Kirby Hathaway introduces the excitement.

North Carolina’s Amazing Coast Launched

Katie Mosher introduces the creators of the book.

Beyond the Choir: Scientists Tune in More Audiences

Scientists, teachers and informal educators collaborate on outreach programs. E-Ching Lee explains.

Meeting of the Minds: Scientists and Teachers Connect

Kerry Irish checks in on scientists and teachers who connect for a meeting of the minds at a workshop in Carteret County.

The Reel World: Kids Ask A Fisherman About His Career

Morgan Jones finds out what some children want to ask a fisherman.

Students Boost Bogue Butterfly

Learn how Harkers Island students are helping crystal skipper butterflies with Chelsea Pierce.

Jolly Good Fellows: Training Future Leaders in Coastal Law, Planning and Policy

Rhett Register tracks down former coastal policy fellows and shares their current success.

Save Fuel, Money: Running Your Boat by the Numbers

Some numbers might help you save fuel while boating.

Improving Rip Current Outlooks

Katie Mosher discusses what is being done to better predict rip currents and save lives.

“Seashells of North Carolina”

You’ll see seashells down by the seashore. Use this popular guide on your next beach trip.