Table of Contents

Revealing The Deep: Teachers Explore Undersea Research And Technology

The deep dark ocean is a little less mysterious for educators participating in a regional workshop. Ann Green introduces the researchers sharing their latest undersea results, and the teachers who will bring lessons to students back on land.

Recognizing Quality At Your Local Seafood Counter

Consumers want to know that they are getting the highest quality fish and shellfish — be it fresh or frozen, whole or filleted, shucked or headed. Robin Wienke and Barry Nash explain what official inspectors watch for.

Education In Action: Schoolyard Projects Protect Estuaries

With the new academic year in full swing, check out these schoolyard projects funded by the Albemarle-Pamlico National Estuary Program. The lasting results include reduced run-off from the respective campuses, as well as ongoing educational experiences for students.

Fuel Focus: Texans Share Shrimp Trawl-Door Design

In light of high fuel costs, shrimpers seek the best catch for the least amount of diesel. Sea Grant’s Bob Hines invited Texas colleagues to share experiences with a new gear option to replace traditional wooden trawl doors.

Rip Currents: Survey Shows High Awareness, But Need for Ongoing Efforts

Far-off storms are just one factor that can increase the surf zone threats on North Carolina beaches. Sea Grant researchers examine beachgoers’ awareness levels regarding rip currents.

Revisiting a Relic: Technology Key to Model of CSS Neuse

Laser blasts are helping Sea Grant’s Maritime Heritage Fellow unlock secrets from a Civil War gunboat. Jerry Allegood’s story offers glimpses of the past and present for this Kinston treasure.