Table of Contents


COASTAL TRADITIONS: Davenport Brothers Honored

North Carolina Heritage Award winners and Tyrrell County residents, Walter and Ray Davenport’s lives are deeply rooted in local waters.

BACK TO THE FUTURE: Revisiting Cisterns and Rain Gardens

North Carolina’s waters face threats from rising coastal populations,aquifer mining, periodic drought and contaminated stormwater runoff. Heather Ward shares efforts that look to past practices for modern Low-Impact Development techniques.

Research Examines Impacts and Options for Fish Farms

Hybrid striped bass farmers in eastern North Carolina are under increasing public and regulatory pressure to curb effluent from their ponds. Kathleen Angione explores current research on pond discharge and water conservation methods.

On the Road: Miniature History Lessons

Visitors heading to the coast may drive by dozens of silver historical  markers without notice. Anne Wheatly shows why the signs are worth stopping for.