Table of Contents

Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season

Art Latham surveys Hurricane Irene’s damage to Dare County and the Outer Banks, and observes how resilient coastal residents react to a devastating storm.

Inner Banks Take a Beating: Storm Surge Surprised Many

The oceanfront areas were not the only ones affected by Irene. Jerry Allegood visits the Inner Banks, along the sounds and the rivers, and chronicles the destruction Irene left behind.

N.C 12: Back in Business

Photographs recount the N.C. Department of Transportation’s rebuilding of N.C. 12 after Hurricane Irene destroyed Hatteras Island’s only land route to the mainland.

And the Rain Came Down

And the floods came up. E-Ching Lee talks to researchers and weather forecasters who are working to improve storm predictions and prevent greater loss of property and life.

Winds of Change: Shrimpers Plan for the Future

North Carolina shrimpers face fierce competition from imports and tough economic conditions. Pam Smith talks to shrimpers who are weathering hard times with help from a federal program.

Sand: Hold a Mountain in Your Hand

Sand nestles between your toes, sneaks into your pockets and seems to be everywhere after a visit to the beach. But have you ever wondered where sand comes from? Terri Kirby Hathaway shares answers.

Serve Up Seasonal Offerings

As the cold months close out the year, consider including seafood on your menu. We offer three recipes for your holiday feasts, sure to impress your friends and loved ones.


We share this poem written by intern Tina Clark.