Table of Contents

Seaside to Sound: Excursion to Places, Memories

In this book excerpt from The Coasts of Carolina, Bland Simpson and Scott Taylor take you on an adventure that highlights North Carolina’s amazing ocean and estuarine shorelines.

Extreme Makeover: Southport Marina Edition

Upgrades to Southport Marina lead to a Clean Marina designation, improved public access and new habitat for sea life. Pam Smith details the marina’s transformation.

Mapping the Way to Higher Fish Yields

Art Latham guides you to an isolated research station at the confluence of Pamlico River and South Creek in Beaufort County. There, researchers, in a quest for the best commercial hybrid striped bass, gather data crucial to understanding genomic riddles.

Albemarle’s Invader: Hydrilla Identified in Sound

The arrival of the aquatic weed hydrilla in North Carolina’s northern coastal waters has sounded a call for cooperative efforts among residents, resource managers and visitors.

…and the Survey Says: Local Seafood Reigns

Many visitors to the N.C. Seafood Festival go beyond spending an hour or more catching chefs’ demonstrations. They focus on choosing North Carolina seafood throughout the year.

Winter Wonderland: Coastal Snows Send Cameras Snapping

As recent winter storms were hitting the coast, North Carolina Sea Grant staff and friends were capturing rare and wondrous snowy sights.